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* From the album Think It's Time

+ From the album Mixed Bag

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Looney Toons (B. Dake)+

Maggie's Bright (B. Dake)+

Maybe (B. Dake/A. Blake)+

Mostly Blue (B. Dake)*

Motivator (B. Dake)*

Polka Dot Blue (B. Dake)+

Scorcher (B. Dake)+

The Fall (B. Dake)*

The Girl Who Saved Me (B. Dake)+

Think It's Time (B. Dake)*

Time Travelin' (B. Dake)*

Baby Said "Bye, Bye" (B. Dake)*

Caramel And Cream (B. Dake)*

Carolina Moon (B. Dake)+

Doomed (B. Dake)+

He Missed The Way (B. Dake)+

I Really Love Your Mind (B. Dake)*

I Think Of You (B. Dake)*

In The Gardens of Mrs. B (B. Dake)*

Life Goes On (B. Dake)+

Life With Blurred Vision (B. Dake)+

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