SongDoor 2014
Honorable Mentions:
Rise Again (++ special mention)
Wide Eyed Child (special mention)
Short Story (special mention)
Speed of Life (special mention)
First Light on the Prairie (special mention)
Same Old
Strange Fruit
Think of You

SongDoor 2012
Finalist: In The Gardens Of Mrs. B

Honorable Mentions:
Olympic (special mention)
PHD (special mention)
Speed of Life (special mention)
Little Journey
In The Beginning
Life Goes On
Carolina Moon
Time Travelin'

SongDoor 2011
Honorable Mentions:
Papa Don't Mind
Waitin' For A Sign (special mention)
Semi-Sweet (special mention)
Think It's Time (extra-special mention)

Great American Song Contest (2010)
Finalist: Caramel and Cream

SongDoor 2010
Finalist: The Girl Who Saved Me

Honorable Mentions:

SongDoor 2009 Honorable Mentions
Maybe (cowrite with Amelia Blake)
Baby Said Bye Bye
Polka Dot Blue
I Think It's Time (special mention)

SongDoor 2008
Finalist: In the Gardens of Mrs. B.

Honorable Mention: Scorcher

SongDoor 2007 Honorable Mention
Mostly Blue

Great American Song Contest (2005)
Caramel and Cream

"AWESOME. Congratulations on your Honorable Mention for this one. All the parts come together so well in this song. The story telling just puts a smile on your face and the melodies just suit the song so very, very well. One of the staff's favorites ... what a great song, thanks for sending it."

“Very nice tune, loved the easygoing feel of it. Kind of reminded us of a jazzier version of that great Christopher Cross album, Sailing (without the the schmaltz of course). This tune goes some very interesting and unexpected places — we really liked that. You have such a good handle on structuring parts — your songs are very “full” and weave in and out in the most pleasant way. Well done.”

“Love the title! This is one of the best instrumentals we have ever received. Congratulations on making the finals — have to tell you the judges fought over this. VERY close, if that's any consolation. Super- hooky themes, such a great mood in this song. Excellent! Loved it!!"

“Cool verse melody, good job on creating a mood. We love your stuff because you're so hard to pigeonhole — that means you're original and that's a very good thing ... a very cool song, great structure, sultry melodies all around. Great job."

“Really nice open. Steely Dan could have done this — hooky melodies with nice fusion overtones. Great work making the chorus and verse melodies stand apart. You've written an excellent example of what a bridge should do: change it up, wake up the listener and make them say “wow, that was cool!”

“Great job with the storytelling, really pulled us in. Clever lyrics all over this, catchy, snappy — great work keeping the words spare and still telling the story. Nice, smooth transitions and resolves, tasteful instrumental breaks ... wonderful!”

“We are really hoping you have a CD for sale somewhere. You are a total original, really talented. Great verse melody, really evocative."

“We really like your stuff. Totally original, great groove in this one, kinda Boz Scaggs-like. Good, grownup lyrics, smart, clever. Love it.”

“Good opening line. Great jazzy feel, kinda Steely Dan, a little James Taylor, some Pat Metheny thrown in (not bad company there!). Nice mood too — there is really good 'furniture' in this piece, great imagery. Very well written, solid as a rock.”

“One of the best titles we got. Your stuff is so unique, we all love it. So fun. We especially like your injection of humor and the way you put such a smooth layer over a song. Thanks for sending us such good stuff!”

“Very lovely opening and excellent arrangement. Fantastic imagery and really fun subject matter. We could totally hear James Taylor covering this. Excellent jazz riffs and 'summer feel' if you know what we mean. Perfect bridge. Really well done song!!”

“Excellent! Honorable Mention. Love where this goes, great mood. Not a thing we could suggest to make it any better. Outstanding! One of the best we've received.”

“Interesting lyric. I really like it. It is simple but effective. It has some great imagery ... just a straightforward slice of life. It moves well throughout the song and paints a great picture. It unravels almost like a video.”

“I think this song is a perfect little radio song.”

“You have really found your voice. Congrats! It is a very difficult thing to do and it needs to be applauded!!”

“The melody fits the the lyric perfectly. Nice progressions in the chorus. It almost has a real cool jazz feel to it.”

“Interesting form. It may not be 'normal', but it sure works well. There really isn't anything I want to critique about this song. There are things that could make it different, but not better..It is a fun story with a lot of great imagery and just overall fun.”

“I'd listen to some old Cole Porter. You remind me of him.”

“You do what you do very well.”

“Love your voice!”

“It's a lovely song. It's pure pop music, Norah Jones, Kenny Rankin, James Taylor, that sort of thing. The lyrical imagery is very compelling.”

“... you should be out playing in the clubs.”

“... it was truly a pleasure to listen to your song.”

“What a cool melody ...! It has so many twists and turns and really intrigues the listener to the point of getting lost in the joy of it all. Really great!”

“Really great lyrics and interesting form. The lyrics fit the melody perfectly.”


“Thanks for your creative insight. Really cool. Can't wait to hear more!”

“Definitely original.”

“Musically this song is very interesting with some wonderful surprises.”

“This is a wonderful song. I want to recommend it to a song publisher and I think you should try to get it to a singer like Willie Nelson or someone who sings like that.”

“... the groove is infectious.”

“Congratulations, Bill ... you have a hit on your hands. I strongly suggest you pitch this to every country male artist who wants to show his sensitive side.”

“Excellent melodic aspects to this song and a memorable hook.”

“Fresh, engaging and charming. Great imagery, and an appealing melody.”

“I love your improvisational style — very jazz oriented.”

“Nice guitar work!!!”

“Unique lyrical theme...I really love your improvisational melodic approach and strong chord progressions.”

“Lovely melody, reminds us of something Jimmy Buffett might do. Interesting use of jazz chords in the bridge. Nice story telling....great song theme. Memorable licks, singable, good stuff.”

“Really, really nice guitar work!”

“This could have been a boring 1-4-5, but we just love how unpredictable you made it.”

“Nice job of storytelling, Allman Brothers-style.”

“This has James Taylor all over it. You have talent for working jazz chords into unexpected places and it works every time. Creates a signature for your stuff that distinguishes it from the pack, not an easy thing to do these days. Nice arrangement, by the way.”

'Snappy title. Love those opening jazz chords and lyrics. Clever, fun to listen to, almost like Manhattan Transfer. Great furniture in this song- the imagery is fantastic. Love how you use the lyric to emphasize the syncopation.”

“This song is so good that it could be used as a song you pitch to publishers to show them how good of a writer you are. They will compare the style to SD, but they will also get that you are a really good songwriter. This song should be submitted. Use it as a business card.”

“I could imagine hearing this in a jazz club in NYC at a place called 'Don't Tell Mamas'. I could also hear this in a Broadway show!”